You were a little a little bud
When you entered
Your ambiance were darker as darker
You never even known
What were happening?
Though you were safe
And was happy to survive
One day you were to
Move away from the world
You are surviving
Don’t know for what
But still it was your
Last day for...

On a February night
It was raining outside
Entered to a brighter world
With a warm welcome
To my hands
Our baby...!!!!

My Ride on Rain

Oho Dont
Dont Rain now
Oho my Rain
Its time for me to ride now
If you rain i will be in rain

If you rain,
if you rain
If you rain...

Oh no u rained...
i can see drops
moving and falling
to right
to left
to down
i made my ride in speed
my rain was together with me
i moved here and there
with smile on my face
i sang my song
Rain came with me
i loved my rain
i loved my rain
i loved my rain

Suddenly stopped my ride
i cant find her
where she had gone
at far away i saw a
waving hand
that she will be arriving

My Rain...........