U flew away like a dove from me
I stopped you, but you didn't
I loved you as my soul
But you didn't realized it
I searched for you every where
You vanished away
At last I made my wings to
Fly like a dove
I failed to find out you
Miss your love
Please come back to me
I won’t tear your heart anymore
Come back to me my sweet love
I promise, I won’t hurt you
Anymore, Anymore
I love you...............


I myself thinking of life
Life is a four letter word
With never ending sorrows
Without no solutions
God in nature
Showers painful sorrows
Meantime blesses not for long time
Happiness now ending in my life
Having a questions in front of me
All paths are vanished
With a hopeless future
Smile in face with ironing heart
Crying louder without noise
But still surviving
No way to success
Truth of life I am going to know
It hurts... it hurts....!