Drops of Monsoon

If some days are back I wish to see my colors of past
With all the falls of rain around and around the days
Gathering the sands to fill the coconut shells
To says “I am cooking out here”

When the rain drops on the ponds filled with Taro leaf
I wondered why God created such beautiful things
And always wondered that another world exist above
So that the rain is falling from there

The drops of monsoon arrives with the cold breeze
With extremely loud and clear of storms and thunder
All around, I always wished Listen to the rhythm of drops
When the clouds gather together to turn into dark

Viewing the drops from my window with a smile
To feel the nature like never had before in life
And wished to fly like a bird to feels the colds
To float in sky until the Mother Earth say’s Good Bye.

Just 2 Cups

Touching the sand and looking the clouds
Viewing the ocean and feeling the gust
Digging her hand into the soul of earth
And wondered about her life

Viewing the crowd with the color glasses
With wonders in face seen the reality
Took grit and thrown towards the blue
For her to turn down her  annoyance

Turning the pages of book in 18th century
She found several characters with wounded mind
But still found a drops of love in each tears
With strong oath in life of each

By closing the chapter, walked downtown
For the sip of a cup with a frustrated mind
Still noticed the 2 cups of love
Without having a purity of dove


Something but nothing frustrated her with noise in mind
Making, moving and thinking twice where is this from
Without a thought she felt that it was her mind weeping
With a reason she hold for long

Holding her hands near to the lamp post she looks up sky
To see him at least once in her life before she swipe away
With tears and fears she ran all long to reach a point to
Hold her self without bursting into fire

Waiting in a rail path where she found his presence
Rolling her eyes she wished to kiss him for once
But faith was controlling her to move away from him
Without a smile in her cheeks

In the fog at last she saw one hand rising towards her
With hope in her mind she moved her soul and ran
With tears in eye she hugged him and kissed him
Which she had never done before

With lots of love in voice she whispered in his
Ears, that I love you than my soul.