Suggestions won’t be corrections, always
Time changes things which differs when it hears
Turns into tears when it behaves which wasn’t
Like that

It differs, it differs which wasn’t like that

It can’t explain with voice, but why? Not defined
Was genuine and clear all the time spend
Deeper and deeper cut off with one smile

Longer the days, realized the impact of life

It was the seconds to decide what to say
One word will make separation like a sword
It all says about when we shows it

Saw several characters with expressions
Suffocated and aggresive by avoiding vows   
Sad and depressed   around every one
Angry and lunactic always and
Shows of Expressions with one and only face

Attitude it only expains who you are........
So be who you are.

Drops of Monsoon

If some days are back I wish to see my colors of past
With all the falls of rain around and around the days
Gathering the sands to fill the coconut shells
To says “I am cooking out here”

When the rain drops on the ponds filled with Taro leaf
I wondered why God created such beautiful things
And always wondered that another world exist above
So that the rain is falling from there

The drops of monsoon arrives with the cold breeze
With extremely loud and clear of storms and thunder
All around, I always wished Listen to the rhythm of drops
When the clouds gather together to turn into dark

Viewing the drops from my window with a smile
To feel the nature like never had before in life
And wished to fly like a bird to feels the colds
To float in sky until the Mother Earth say’s Good Bye.

Just 2 Cups

Touching the sand and looking the clouds
Viewing the ocean and feeling the gust
Digging her hand into the soul of earth
And wondered about her life

Viewing the crowd with the color glasses
With wonders in face seen the reality
Took grit and thrown towards the blue
For her to turn down her  annoyance

Turning the pages of book in 18th century
She found several characters with wounded mind
But still found a drops of love in each tears
With strong oath in life of each

By closing the chapter, walked downtown
For the sip of a cup with a frustrated mind
Still noticed the 2 cups of love
Without having a purity of dove


Something but nothing frustrated her with noise in mind
Making, moving and thinking twice where is this from
Without a thought she felt that it was her mind weeping
With a reason she hold for long

Holding her hands near to the lamp post she looks up sky
To see him at least once in her life before she swipe away
With tears and fears she ran all long to reach a point to
Hold her self without bursting into fire

Waiting in a rail path where she found his presence
Rolling her eyes she wished to kiss him for once
But faith was controlling her to move away from him
Without a smile in her cheeks

In the fog at last she saw one hand rising towards her
With hope in her mind she moved her soul and ran
With tears in eye she hugged him and kissed him
Which she had never done before

With lots of love in voice she whispered in his
Ears, that I love you than my soul. 

Hours of Darkness

Where the nights are waiting for the lights
She opens her closet for the dark
Walked around the pool where moon floats
Thrown stones around the pool and waited  

She Splits Chewed betel around the street
And Waited for a long time but no one
Looked the wall where she write her stories  
Where she swallowed her dreams in her life

On that dark night she whispered why people
talk to her about the things they only need
Why? I was forced to drunk through out the days
Why no one realized my feelings which I had

Killing each day by day and with nothing as dreams
I am not here to apologize and make a new life she said
But still she don’t wished to be used as a doll
But happens at every day as a routine

After all whisperings of the night light
She found a shadow which was asking her to follow
Whipping all the tears she ran to the hunter
For her to live and killed by others.

I wondered why?

I wonder why the sky is filled with colors
Where I can see white, blue and black
With sunshine and moon light
With tiny twinkle stars  

I wonder why a day with light and dark
Where I notice crowd, noise and silence
With love and life with and without soul
With endless track to travel

I noticed a day with drop of tears
I even noticed the moment I cried
The moment that was I wondering
It’s a second or may be a minute
I weep

Again I wondered why this all happens
That can happen all around the world
My thoughts felt like an illusion
Every day I wondered

Wondering and wondering again
With the thoughts
I not sure why I was wondering.

Life is magic with thoughts. One who really knows what is life he won’t love to be alive
For just seconds and bear all sorrows and enjoy the party of life.

Red triangle

Angles made me to walk
It stood up like as walls
I touched it and it sounded
Joined together to close

Red colored triangle is it
Where I felt the light of opening
Opened the way of red to pass away
And shows the appropriate

Disclosing of love between and in
Won’t be easy as triangles join
The juice should arrive and flows down
Felt and touched by the heart removing the vein

Short and tempered I felt to free the walls
Wings to fly without taking the vows
Move apart for along the love
More it just a triangle where it ends

Life and love where triangle turns around with red
Love your life like the way it leads.

Followed by Nights

I felt a life like a kite on the heart of ocean
Swinging and singing into the deeper of deeper
Where there I saw a place of gardens with lights
There I saw a moon inside the ocean of dreams

Jumped Out of dreams where I traveled in deep
On my armchair I opened my notes to write dreams
Moving my hands in the words I written I saw them
On my floor with clarity as blue sky with rain

Next day on my car I saw a girl walking in the garden way
I drive towards the church and kneed in front of the candles
Everywhere was green with leafs over and above

I opened a wooden door and looked around as usually
Cried with my hands closed to mouth and eyes
Walked and even walked further and stopped with a horn
No where I reached

Raining and rainfall around the trees with winds
Looking up I saw the leaves loving each other
I looked even up and upper for a stairs where I can climb
But found a drop of water on my nails

There is something we wish to do but won’t be able
I now wish to get out of my dreams filled with thoughts
Surrounded with four walls which are shows me the world
Loved to be flown like a feather with out heart.