Followed by Nights

I felt a life like a kite on the heart of ocean
Swinging and singing into the deeper of deeper
Where there I saw a place of gardens with lights
There I saw a moon inside the ocean of dreams

Jumped Out of dreams where I traveled in deep
On my armchair I opened my notes to write dreams
Moving my hands in the words I written I saw them
On my floor with clarity as blue sky with rain

Next day on my car I saw a girl walking in the garden way
I drive towards the church and kneed in front of the candles
Everywhere was green with leafs over and above

I opened a wooden door and looked around as usually
Cried with my hands closed to mouth and eyes
Walked and even walked further and stopped with a horn
No where I reached

Raining and rainfall around the trees with winds
Looking up I saw the leaves loving each other
I looked even up and upper for a stairs where I can climb
But found a drop of water on my nails

There is something we wish to do but won’t be able
I now wish to get out of my dreams filled with thoughts
Surrounded with four walls which are shows me the world
Loved to be flown like a feather with out heart.

Only two chapters

Born with a skull of bones in the lights of morning cloud
It so happened in a sky filled with rain and stormy clouds
Her first cry moved around the hospital with a thank to god
She was born to take her list of dos

She walked, fell down and cried moving around on her feet
Loved and cared with love in hands of mothers
Reaching on her first year of day the almighty wrote on her skull
Month one started for the journey……………

Flying like a butterfly all around the world like a Cinderella
Playing around with her friends and fighting for her dolly
Moving around with a half of food inside and outside of mouth
Sleeping with bedtime stories near to her mothers heart

Month two started for the journey……………
Seasons changed with light and darkness around her
Sunny evening shined played around with family
Bunch of happiness surrounded her with joyful
Hours were counted near to her……………

Slipped and fell from the large heights of her house
Kissed on the ground by spreading colors of red
Burst out with fear and cried out without breath
Ran towards her and took her on his hand

With broken skull, the butterfly smiled and closed the eyes
Father touched his little kid and said my dear my blood
Don’t go……………

Counting hours ended and said goodbye to the world
Life splits with the hours and faith plays the game

Ready with flowers filled with love at cemetery
Hugged towards to heart and cried out loud, my child
Prayers surrounded from the heartbeat of life’s
All the hours left into bones with out a heart

An old man at the cemetery looked at the little bones
Taking skull into his hand and said only two chapters
Looking up into the sky and asked why only two chapters
Old man swiped his tears and said this was no needed

Only two chapters……………

NOTE: This is actually a fiction poem, recently occurred near to my home. 
Poor child Let her soul rest in peace. :)

Goodbye December

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Journalist over a dream

Once in an early morning she saw a dream
It was following through around her head
She can’t even get out from the chase of dream
Sawed a home in a place with lots of huge tree

Peoples where walking around and around
Went near to them she can’t believe her eye
No one with heads but one and only person
Having a snake head and moving towards her

Jumped out of dream by screaming with noise
Throwing blankets and moved out of for a new day
All these dreams were due her journalists activities
She wished to believe like that only 

With a great shower she wears her favorable red dress
With white butterflies on it flying around her
 Hat on the head and bag on the shoulder
Journalists stepped out of home with smile

She walked crossed the street where her dress
Was floating like a leaf on lake
Suddenly stopping her steps she viewed a house
As seen in dream, shocked and swallowed her breath

She steeped towards it and entered into, shocked
Seeing headless humans she was frightened
They asked her to be seated and gave her a cup
A tea? She thought

Looking inside the tea cup she was amazed with fear
She can see the heads on the humans and was talking
With love and care, but when taking eye she was confused
She thought she was dreaming, it was reality

You can now see us right? One of them asked
We completed our compulsory papers in life
We born and died with mixed life
Now we can see a life without love

They thrown a light to her asked to view
Markets selling women and children
Men as devil taking drugs with thirsty
Children’s with no families
Old aged thrown away as dumb

They asked can you stop the world of today
She said yes and jumped out of her dream
Wrote it against and thrown swords against
Those writings entered and destroyed devils  
The headless thank u her and said
Be a human and not a devil