Envisaged but serendipitous, lost tranquility with adoration
conceit with abuso, tearing souls into the wreck
squabble and thunderbolt around life
spiritually betrayed to breath for to giggle

Framing the dawn and dusk
darker the avenue, eerie the warmth
anguished life sobbed around
rambled to discover the track the neck of the woods

Departed and dashed, undeviating the greenwoods
Wings of shadows wrapped me
Reshaped in the dusk and whispered
adrift in the path of felicity  

Upside down, turning the round  
frisky dark, laughing noxious
a season passed with periwinkle
colorful fabulist, colorless skies

Agonized with the breezy thunderbolt  
suppressed with a light of dusk
spiritually aligned with greens of peace

Canta el celestial
Adquiere lo místico



Dense to play but mad to play
hold the memories distance apart
siente el dolor, seeing a reel of fondness
holding it yourself

Mono no aware

Eye of an eye I see you through
Warmth of me where broken away
the part of love shattered through
still, my heart pains away

But why? Hard time to behold
free the words and thought to
feel the love for sure
be the heartbeat forever

Never ever again and again
bruised the wound with the tartness
Time travels and so again
Se conmigo mi amor para siempre



Wish I had an escape from the life of wanderings
Moved away from those souls but haunts like a mess
Love to ran away but stopped me and made me to stay alive
Still it belongs to me somewhere

Wafture and Susurrous at same time with holding breathe 
Remembered my lissome times, with tears filled
Always besides the incandescent murmuring penumbra
Loved to lilt a halcyon time

An access to say adieu was susurrated with in me
No tranquility, nowhere else felt wrathful inside
A soul like storied that rended already
Must have to evanescent apace

Somehow someday I will be sure to be a brume
That to be covered by a bosky
On a gloaming greensward night, you may feel the Knell

Impossible ….compos mentis

Myself blind to dark

I was dragged apart and dragged apart to dark
closes the line of light, I turned around to find
myself, to reach the words of my faith
to know the truth of dark space

Closed my eyes to hear my whisper
tears ran around like rain, I hold
my heart for power  to hold the strength
wont able to let my faith beat me

Lights turned to me, myself as a weapon 
Burning hell with smoke raised around
Smiles were thirsting and eyes were dead
Drawn the dates of death like a flower

Memories like memories my morning blues
Loves and loved all I need where no where
I believe to survive I believe to love

Souls shows smile, welcomed me…………

Regrets of being Alone

I have no worries I have no blueberries
I have no passion but I had a vision
I have dream but not have a blub
I love to ran but already ran so far

My look book was the fall winter
Turned the pages as it was autumn
Rolled in sweater like a dike
Founded last in a trash where I belong

Falls of long holes where dipped my leg
Was a touch wood but sink in dirt?
Lashes was washed as vision was just to
Not to dream the dream I loved

Having the Ideas of being alone
Lots of stuff used to be loved
But not like to be loved
Reminding me the years of loneliness
That I have a bear along in life
As alone……..

I have no worries I have no blueberries
I have no passion but I had a vision
I have dream but not have a blub
I love to ran but I ran so far

No Reasons…………

I look for no reason, but watch for some reasons
I hide for no reason, but takes out for some reasons
Reasons are just reasons for no reasons and nothing
I just found it was faking all, but still it’s a reason.

Moved away without hearing the reasons of reasons
I smile for no reasons, but cry for some reasons
I think for no reasons, but do things for some reasons
Still it’s confusing to find out the thing of reasons

Watched my time, whether it was near for me
I hear for no reasons, but near to all for some reasons
Someone over here and there and said to me
That reasons are formed for some reasons

All are just justifications for reasons, just again reasons
Failure for no reasons, but trophy’s for some reasons
Writes for some reasons, but I still understands
Why I write this now………?
Still reasons……………