No Reasons…………

I look for no reason, but watch for some reasons
I hide for no reason, but takes out for some reasons
Reasons are just reasons for no reasons and nothing
I just found it was faking all, but still it’s a reason.

Moved away without hearing the reasons of reasons
I smile for no reasons, but cry for some reasons
I think for no reasons, but do things for some reasons
Still it’s confusing to find out the thing of reasons

Watched my time, whether it was near for me
I hear for no reasons, but near to all for some reasons
Someone over here and there and said to me
That reasons are formed for some reasons

All are just justifications for reasons, just again reasons
Failure for no reasons, but trophy’s for some reasons
Writes for some reasons, but I still understands
Why I write this now………?
Still reasons……………

The lost life

Nothing is caring me across my life distance
I can see that I am alone with no hopes
I see colors through vibgyor but life gives
Me blank text which makes me cry all day
What was I suppose to be, what was I?
Thoughts all time makes me mad with worries
I search hands in crowd for my life to be secure
But nothing I can see because I felt the same
I am alone…………. Mmmmm
I am alone ………………………….

Starting days with loved sunshine around but
Days give me worries like heart breaking pain
Lost love and lost hopes are always same
I think that never ever some hope won’t come back
All these thoughts are because I felt the same that I feel
Loneliness is like wind, which is with us unless we are
Showered blessing with almighty.

Life is a mystery always because it is hard to open
And reveal the truth which pains u always
Felt to shower like a rain drop to forget my dreams
And vanish always from the universe for ever
To fly like a free dove around the universe
I felt the same lowliness with tears in eyes.

Framed Expressions of Life…….

I saw the light of night running on the water with laughs
I saw the hands dropping bangles in night waves of blue
With lots of expressions to be reveled in the ways of darkness
And gone like a pretty women with naughtiness

Hold the hands in with flowers to swing up above the leafs
The expressions of eyes to move with the flow
Surrounding with dreams made to look the field
Saw two hands giving life to new earth smile

Smoked like a thief and said why you are here?
Ran towards with wholesome red and said: because of you.
The one who looked through the glass was the reflections of you
Made me to rethink the gesture of life

Drenched the body with soul in it
Smokes are eyes to find out the truth
Once sand wiped away the orange of sea
Like a insane around the crowd.