No Reasons…………

I look for no reason, but watch for some reasons
I hide for no reason, but takes out for some reasons
Reasons are just reasons for no reasons and nothing
I just found it was faking all, but still it’s a reason.

Moved away without hearing the reasons of reasons
I smile for no reasons, but cry for some reasons
I think for no reasons, but do things for some reasons
Still it’s confusing to find out the thing of reasons

Watched my time, whether it was near for me
I hear for no reasons, but near to all for some reasons
Someone over here and there and said to me
That reasons are formed for some reasons

All are just justifications for reasons, just again reasons
Failure for no reasons, but trophy’s for some reasons
Writes for some reasons, but I still understands
Why I write this now………?
Still reasons……………

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