My Creative Hat

I am holding a hat where ideas are filled
I am holding a book where my figures speak
I am holding a pen where it makes me to run

I draw with imaginations in my stage of ground
I give life to it and express around the colors
I move around to find out a letter with wings
Which makes me to think what I should?

I love to draw and love to be with drawing
I love to get things all around and be with it
I love to collect and make it all in joy
I love to be with colors so as to make colorful

My life is full of threads which connects all the heads
I create it around the heads and surround it with life
I reach to everyone’s mind and explore it with thoughts
I play with lights and hang up on like a bulb
I will never end up with a how and makes it a bow
I design all up the days and
Still moves around with my hat.

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